Nova Radian

A balance monitoring system for stand-up paddle boards for Jobe Sports International. Nova Radian monitors the pitch and roll of the board and indicates the balance to the user via LED strips. This way the user can alter his stance and improve his stability while SUPping.

Juice Monkey

A cute, friendly, automatic citrus juicer, designed to fit the Americanos lifestyle and certain other key elements. A design project solely focused on aesthetics and building a physical mock-up. The design is based on a process with several collages and shapes and lots of sketches and iterations.

Schiphol Nest

Product-service system that improves the pick-up experience for both travellers and pickups. Feel right at home Schiphol Nest is a cross media interaction design that will ensure a better pick-up experience. The main idea behind this concept is that the pick-upper can make a personal and warm welcoming nest while waiting for the traveler. This… Continue reading Schiphol Nest

Whirlpool Bubble

Redesign of the Whirlpool MAX 109, based on professionally set up user tests. We completely reimagined the user interface to make it easier and clearer to use and made slight alterations to the exterior design to make it friendlier and more ergonomic.


Put on your running shoes and get in shape Shaped let’s you run a route of a specific shape with runners all around the world. You tell the app how long or how far you plan to run and it will suggest shapes to you. You select a shape and the app will calculate the… Continue reading Shaped

Outsole Grip

We did research for ASICS to improve the grip of the outsoles on their outdoor running shoes After building a complete test set-up we were able to test several shoes in different conditions. From the gathered data we made recommendations on improving the grip on ASICS’ shoes.