Drives for OS X

A set of 13 drive icons for OS X El Capitan, most of them based on the default hard drive icon. In this day and age, most Macs come with either a SSD or at least a Fusion Drive. I want my icons to display what they represent, so I made a couple that are more accurate than the good ol’ hard drive.

There are SSD and HDD versions for Mac and Windows (Boot Camp) drives.

A Fusion Drive icon, combining a SSD and the hard drive. A SSD RAID and a HDD RAID, simply stacking the two drives on each other. The colors come from respectively Apple’s Fusion Drive marketing, and the RAID Utility icon on OS X.

Then there are three backup drive icons: Time Machine A, B, and C. I’ll write about this someday, but keep in mind, backups are important, which is why I have three different drives, with each its own icon. C is red, because for me that physical drive is red, and because it’s a cloned drive, not a Time Machine backup.

And finally, three extra drives, which I made because I needed them. A movie drive, an Adobe drive and a Dribbble drive, which was my Dribbble debut. See also my complete set of Synology drive icons.

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