Surprising new interaction insights

I’ve worked with Lex during his graduation project. He had the difficult task of tackling the user experience of one of Peerby’s possible future directions: interacting with ownerless products. It was a difficult, human-centred assignment with very little existing research, but he managed to get results and surprised us with new insights.

The way he was able to juggle both the university’s academic research requirements, as well as the Peerby’s focus and need for quick results was impressive. He took a hands-on approach and started doing real-world experiments and interviews with actual users in the first few weeks, while also having the analytical skills to fund the basis of his insights with scientific papers.

Our contact intensified during the week of Peerby’s Google Design Sprint. He joined us in Amsterdam during a week of company wide brainstorming where we were looking for new directions for Peerby’s pivotal state. Again he showed that he was a real problem solver, able to participate in big and small teams, where his results-oriented and hands-on approach made a real difference. 

With his final graduation presentation he went all out, showing eye for detail and a versatile skill set. With animations, a great video and an excellent story, he communicated seven months of research and design to a large audience, in just 25 minutes. He was well prepared and organised, a true perfectionist.

It was really great to meet and work with Lex. I wish him all the best in pursuing his passion and dream of working at Apple. I know he has got what it takes and highly recommend you hire him.

Co-founder and CTO at Peerby.

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