Put on your running shoes and get in shape Shaped let’s you run a route of a specific shape with runners all around the world. You tell the app how long or how far you plan to run and it will suggest shapes to you. You select a shape and the app will calculate the… Continue reading Shaped


A quick story upfront This week I made something that I thought looked pretty nice. It wasn’t very difficult for me and the end result was exactly how I wanted it to be. But my family really loved it. I got compliments and high praise from nearly all of them. Now, my family is always… Continue reading Achievements

iOS 7

Wow! Just wow! The interface looks gorgeous, both the UI and the UX. It will take some getting used to, and yes, your mom and grandpa will call you (if they can find the Phone app), but I’m really looking forward to it. Apple has really kept their promise, and Jony Ive has outdone himself.… Continue reading iOS 7

Outsole Grip

We did research for ASICS to improve the grip of the outsoles on their outdoor running shoes After building a complete test set-up we were able to test several shoes in different conditions. From the gathered data we made recommendations on improving the grip on ASICS’ shoes.